The beauty of Backed’s patent-pending loan application process is its simplicity. Backed is not here to trap you into borrowing more money than you need or taking out a loan that will be hard to repay. Our goal is for you to get the best rate possible and successfully achieve repayment. This is reflected in our business model which was built to facilitate a sustainable credit process leading to your financial freedom as quickly as possible.


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Verify that you are you or sign in via your social networks. This is completely confidential and will not be used to determine whether we offer you credit. You will receive an offer from us based on the financial information you have provided and your credit score.

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Reduce your origination fee by 20% by completing additional information on your profile and drop your interest rate by up to 41% by adding backers! Backers can be anyone willing to cover your loan repayments in case you miss any payments.

Backed Loan Rates are 45% Cheaper Than the Average Credit Card!

So what's so special about Backers?

Contrary to traditional co-signers, who are typically informed after a loan has defaulted, the loan has been burdened with extra fees and penalties, and the borrower’s credit score has been downgraded, a Backer is informed of any payment shortfall prior to default. Both the borrower and the Backer have a 15-day grace period to keep the loan in good standing, in which your credit score will not be affected, and avoiding late fees.

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