Backed provides young borrowers accessible loan products to launch their financial independence and build their credit score.
“With BACKED, all you need is a vote of
confidence to open the business you
always dreamed of”
"With BACKED and your parents help,
you can afford the upfront costs on a rental apartment,
saving valuable time and money on commuting to work"
"Have your dream wedding by spreading
the cost over time. With your family's backing,
reduce the cost of financing by up to 45%"
Here’s how
In America today, 63% of college graduates return back home to live
with their parents, or still rely on them financially.
Parents are trying to help, but providing living expenses doesn't improve their child's credit score nor does it get them any closer to financial independence.
By backing their children with a BACKED loan, parents effectively lend their credit score, and not their cash.
With Backed, parents are not exposed to the usual co-signing risks.
Why is backing different than traditional
co-signing in case of delinquency?

Traditional Co-signing

  • Notified only in case of default
  • Charged the full amount, interest & penalties
  • Both credit profiles are penalized


  • Get notified in a few seconds of a missed payment
  • 15 day grace to pay ONLY the missing amount
  • Timely payment continues to build borrower's credit!
Parents help children keep their rates low,
while improving their credit scores

No pre-payment fee! pay back any time to save more

By submitting additional info, you can automatically reduce your APR!

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